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The UK's longest runnning 360 Product Photography studio since 1999

3D Studio is a professional photography studio focusing on 360 product photography and offer a perfect solution for online product and brand enhancement.

Dynamic imaging is our business. The team at 3D Studio are creative, efficient and affordable. We pride ourselves in working closely with the client to fulfill your brief - our staff are highly skilled in creating the perfect look for your product - we are renown for our fast turn around times and high productivity which in turn leads to savings for our clients.

360 photography has a big impact on ROI and conversion rates.  38% of online retailers want it, but only 10% are currently using it.  Talk to us to see the huge benefits of using 360 product imagery and see how your online sale can increase.
Today's shopper needs to feel like they are getting an in-store experience when they browse online. Using rotational photography gives the customer a virtual browsing experience similar to examining an item in ones hand. With luxury products research has shown this form of photography leads to higher conversion rates and reduces returns. High-quality, large images with zoom, spin and color options emulate the touch-and-feel experience of shopping in-store. When presented with a list of features that enhance the online shopping experience, a recent survey 91% of participants chose '360 spin' as the most favored feature.

We use the latest technology to display your 360's allowing them to be viewed on all computers and mobile devices.

"We are constantly improving our 360 images to cover the broader needs of modern day e-commerce". Dom Mowbray, Managing Director

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